6 benefits of corporate fitness: It’s not just good for your employees

benefits of corporate fitness

Company wellness and corporate fitness have become mainstream in recent years but still lots of businesses aren’t investing in employee wellbeing programmes.


There are lots of reasons why businesses don’t invest in programmes including lack of resources and funds.

But with the evidence stacking up in favour of fitness in the workplace it’s hard to see why business owners and HR departments are ignoring the benefits of corporate fitness.

What is corporate fitness anyway?

Forward thinking companies are investing in their employees by offering them the chance to take part in fitness activity. 

Corporate fitness programmes come in all shapes and sizes and each company will find different initiatives work for them based on their employees. A younger demographic of employee might want to take part in HIIT workouts for example. 

You don’t have to spend lots of money to get started with corporate fitness, although larger companies might invest in onsite gym facilities, smaller companies can offer classes or bring in a personal trainer to offer workouts to their staff.

So what are the benefits of a workplace fitness programme?

  • Increase engagement

Keeping talent within your business is one of the key challenges in most industries. 

By offering additional benefits beyond pay, you can increase engagement within your company. 

Exercise is known to boost mood and morale. Happy employees = increased engagement with the business. They’re much more likely to feel their job is having a positive impact on their life rather than a negative one, helping increase morale and retention of staff.

  • Provide a solid return on investment

15.4 million working days in the UK were lost in 2017/18 as a result of work-related stress and mental illness. 

As you can imagine, the impact this is having on business is becoming increasingly noticeable. Whilst more needs to be done by the government to tackle the mental health crisis, businesses can help the situation too and so reducing the number of sick days within your business.

By introducing employee wellness and fitness programmes into your business, you’re looking after the health of your employees. Something which will in turn reduce the number of sickness days taken because of work stress and mental health.

  • Boost productivity

Exercise boosts energy and alertness, reducing the need for a million coffees to keep your team awake.

According to the American Council on Exercise exercise triggers a protein called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor) which boosts cognitive abilities which help with creativity and problem solving at work.

Productivity increases have been shown in numerous studies to correlate with exercise days.

  • More attractive to potential employees

The best talent is usually already in work and need to be tempted away from their current employer. To do that, you’re going to need more than an attractive pay packet with the modern employee wanting more from their job than a salary.

Up there with job satisfaction, employee wellness programmes are one of the things potential employees look for when they’re looking at who to work for. 

  • Bring employees together

Strong teams = strong business. 

By giving employees a chance to socialise away from their desks, you’re helping them build stronger relationships. Getting your team away from their desks and talking about things other than work helps with communication when they’re working on projects together.

Win, win for everyone

By introducing a corporate fitness programme into your business, you’re not only benefiting the lives of your employees, you’re driving your business forward too.

As you’ve seen above, the benefits of corporate fitness are vast. From improvements in employee engagement, employee attraction and productivity.

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