6 ways to improve employee wellness & fitness

employee wellness

Employee wellness has never been more important in competitive job markets where it’s becoming increasingly harder to attract top talent and in a world where 12.7% of all sickness absence days are mental health related.

How can you and your company improve the wellbeing and fitness of your employees?

1. Flexible working

The stress of a commute is enough to send anyone into a frenzy.

We’re only just discovering the impacts our daily commutes have on our health and bodies but if you’ve ever done the commute yourself you’ll know how stressful it can be and what a big impact it can have on you for the hour or so after you arrive at work.

Offering flexible working has been proven to:

  • Reduce employee absence
  • Increase employee morale and commitment to the company
  • Be easier to recruit new talent
  • Retain existing valued employees

If you’re serious about improving employee wellness & fitness then flexible working should be at the top of your agenda as one of the key ways to make a big difference to their daily lives.

2. Workout Wednesdays

Exercise has long been proven to contribute to improvements in productivity and mood.

The release of happy chemicals (endorphins) during exercise have an effect on your employees throughout the day and rest of the week, not just during their workout.

Wednesday’s are the perfect day for your office workouts. There’s a reason why it’s called hump day. It’s the middle week slump for most of your employees – get them moving and motivated again with some fun classes or workouts in the office.

3. Healthy lunches for team meetings

M&S sandwich platters might be easy but are they offering the nutritional value you need during long team meetings? The afternoon slump is inevitable if you’re feeding the team carb heavy meals during your meetings.

Opt for some greek salads and lighter options to keep everyone’s attention fixed on the agenda. Don’t forget the veggies too – they’re often overlooked and get the short end of the deal when it comes to team lunches.

4. Train managers on mental health strategies

With mental health being one of the biggest public health challenges in the UK it’s time your management team knew how to work with employees struggling with their mental health. Dealing with situations sensitively and knowing what should and shouldn’t be said, shows you care about your employees wellbeing.

5. Install a shower for employees who ride or run to your workplace

Biking Barbara in the office stinking the place out? No but seriously, consider fitting a shower to make it easier for people to cycle or run into work and freshen up before their days work.

Not only is it great for your employees wellbeing but it’s a great PR opportunity to show potential employees you’re a forward facing company committed to the environment and your employees health.

6. Ask your team to eat lunch away from their computer

It’s official.

Eating at your desk is not healthy for lots of reasons. You’re more likely to overeat and not giving give your eyes and brain a rest are just two of the main reasons.

By creating a nice space for your employees to eat their lunch you’re boosting their wellbeing by getting them away from their desks to:

  • Boost blood flow and energy
  • Increase relationships and engagement within the team
  • Get some much needed Vitamin D in the sun

Start improving employee wellness

All of the points in this post are actionable but some need a little more work that others.

Hopefully you’ve found some ideas that will really have an impact on the health and wellbeing of your employees as well as your business with improvements in team productivity and morale.

By taking the wellbeing and fitness of your team seriously, you’re one step ahead of your competitors who are more than likely stuck in the past. Forward thinking organisations like yours will find it easier to recruit and keep the best talent.

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