Hi I’m Mitchel White, personal trainer and online fitness coach in Manchester

My own fitness journey and the impact it has had on my own life is what has given me the drive to help others like you to get the most out of your body and life.

In 2016, I was diagnosed with a serious health condition and needed to make lifestyle changes to remain healthy. Since then I've been working hard to go from skinny to a body I'm constantly working on to bulk up. My eating habits have changed and I track my calorie and food intake everyday to make sure I'm staying on track.

There's no reason why you can't do the same, whatever your starting point or goals - change is possible.

2 aims for sustainable results

To reach your goals more quickly by overcoming obstacles: anyone can sign up to join a gym, but who actually sticks to it and reaches the goals they set themselves? With any fitness journies there will be obstacles in life and in the gym. Negative self talk can creep in and a busy lifestyle can stop you from getting to the gym as often as you'd like. It's those times when having a personal trainer on your side of the ring really helps - keeping you on track so you can reach your goals more quickly and efficiently.
Establish a long term healthy lifestyle: Establishing healthy habits is the only way you will sustain your new physique once you have reached your goals. Building fun elements into workouts and making subtle changes to your diet will help you maintain your new routines for years to come.

Client testimonials

I was looking to bulk up when I started with Mitchel's online coaching programme. It's been a couple of months and I've already started to see a difference in my body and people have commented on my arms getting bigger!
Tom Underhill
I was apprehensive about the nutrition plan expecting lots of dull rabbit food, but not a bit of it, the meal ideas are varied and delicious. If you’re looking for a PT without a PT pricetag, I can fully recommend Mitchel’s online training for anyone. I’ve not long started but I’m already feeling lighter and more positive about what i’lll be able to achieve.
Matt Simpson

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