6 Exercises To Lose Lower Belly Fat For Men

exercises to lose lower belly fat for men

There are lots of reasons why men struggle with belly fat… from genetics to diet to beer 🍺

We all know we should eat healthier, get more active and limit our alcohol intake but does that mean we all do it? No.

Before we jump into exercises to lose lower belly fat for men, I should mention that whilst these 6 exercises will help you lose fat – you need to get the weight loss foundations right too to see transformational results.

Eating healthy

Healthy doesn’t mean boring.

And healthy doesn’t mean you need to completely change your diet (unless you’re downing a Big Mac everyday).

With some small tweaks you can start to reduce your body fat. 

The best place to start is by monitoring your intake and working out your maintenance calories

Once you know your maintenance calories, you need to take away 500 calories a day. To lose belly fat men need to be eating in a calorie deficit (eating fewer calories than your body burns everyday) – so eating 500 calories less than your maintenance is a good way to lose weight.

Getting more active

This one’s self explanatory and hopefully some of the exercises below will help you lose your lower belly fat. 

But getting active doesn’t need to be just in the gym. Even just taking a 15 minute brisk walk can help with weight loss.

Limit alcohol consumption

We’ve all heard the phrase beer belly.

It didn’t get that name without reason – drinking beer makes you fat.

The average beer is high in carbs and contains 153 calories, so 3 pints is equivalent to a meal! When you add up the number of beers you have over a month – could that be the reason for the growing belly?

I’m not here to lecture you on your alcohol intake – that’s for your GP to do. 

But it’s important to consider it when you’re looking at your calorie intake when you’re looking to lose weight.

Focus on resistance and weight exercises to lose lower belly fat

Most people think they need to do hours on the treadmill to lose weight.

Lots of research has been done on whether cardio or weight training is best for weight loss and a quick search online will give you contradictory answers. 

The truth is a combination of both weight training and cardio activity each week is the best way to lose fat.

The trouble with cardio is it’s pretty boring – that’s why combining weight training with 20 minutes on a rowing machine or uphill incline treadmill walk after a weights session can be more enjoyable and result in the same (if not higher) calorie burn than doing cardio for the same amount of time.

So, what exercises should you be doing in the gym to lose lower belly fat?

Try these 6 exercises to lose stubborn lower belly fat without endless amounts of cardio.


Squatting burns fat and builds muscle.

Whilst squats target your leg muscles specifically, squatting with weight is pretty hard work and uses a lot of energy.

When you’re building muscle your levels of testosterone and growth hormones also increase – leading to more fat loss. 

When you’re doing squats – use a weight on a barbell to increase the intensity of your workout. You should just be able to do ten reps with the weight. This level of intensity increases the amount of calories you burn during the exercise.

How do you squat?

Kettlebell Swings

A staple in fitness classes and for good reason. Kettlebell swings are another great exercise for men to lose belly fat.

The energy needed to swing the heavy kettlebell requires a lot of metabolic power and the explosive movement to drive the kettlebell up. 

Keeping your body tense throughout the movement adds another level of intensity,

How do you do a kettlebell swing?

Romanian Deadlift

Another leg day exercise – why?

Because leg movements usually require your whole body to engage and work to complete the exercise. 

Exerting your whole body builds muscle mass and increases your metabolism – all required to get rid of your lower belly fat.

How do you perform a Romanian deadlift?

Medicine Ball Slams

Need to take out some frustration after a long day at work?

You need to give medicine ball slams a go. The explosive action of slamming the ball down uses energy to burn fat in your lower body.

How do you perform a medicine ball slams?


Another explosive exercise – the burpee uses a fair few muscles including your core and legs. 

All vital in helping your lose your lower belly fat.

Burpees are a staple of fat loss transformation programmes and for good reason.

Try doing 10 reps – you can even do these at home.

Walking! Fast

The last one is a cardio exercise we can all do.

Fit it into your existing routine – so if you go to the shop and it’s walkable – leave the car at home and walk quickly (a walk quicker than your usual pace).

Walking has many benefits including improved mental health and fat loss. Getting out the house for a 10 minute walk every day is something we can all do.

Keep motivated

Fat loss doesn’t happen overnight.

Your lower belly is usually one of the last places to start seeing results when it comes to weight loss so it’s important to stick with it. 

If you don’t see results after a couple of weeks, don’t be put off – these things take time and by keeping up with your new exercise routine you’re doing all the right things to lose weight and body fat.

An easy way to keep motivated is by taking progress photos and taking measurements including waist and hip sizes.

We don’t always see improvements ourselves but looking back at a photo of how we were shocks us sometimes and shows just how far we’ve come.

Or you could work with an online personal trainer to achieve your results quicker.

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