Why I’ve written Serve, my ethical marketing book

Serve Ethical Marketing Book Mitchel White

On 15th October 2019 I started writing my ethical marketing book Serve

Fast forward to 28th December 2019 I had written, edited and launched my book on Amazon. A pretty proud moment. In a relatively short amount of time I had achieved something I’d always thought about but never started.

What is Serve?

Serve is the book for forward thinking marketers and entrepreneurs who want to commit to a better way of marketing. Setting out a manifesto for ethical marketing, Serve acts as a guide based on my learning and experience running my own marketing agency and working with other sustainable and ethical brands over the past 5 years.

It sets out a 3 stage process to help you define your purpose, communicate with your chosen audience and amplify your message to reach more of your audience and achieve big change in the world. My aim with this book is to set out the case for a better form of marketing, one focused on serving rather than taking. One where your sole purpose is to serve your audience in an ethical, sustainable way.

A personal challenge 

I’m a big believer in pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone, if you’re standing still you’re not improving. As I approached the Autumn of 2019, I was looking back at what I’d achieved in the earlier parts of the year and despite working with some amazing clients there was something missing. Whilst the agency had performed well, personally I felt like I hadn’t achieved much. 

I set myself a goal to find a personal challenge, something I hadn’t done before.

  • What had I been thinking about for years but not actually started? 
  • What would give me a feeling of pride when I completed it? 
  • What would test and stretch different skills? 

A book seemed like the obvious answer to all of these questions so I got cracking, the process was hard and at times I wondered why I’d taken the challenge on but despite those bad days there were plenty of good and within 2 months I’d written and edited 50,000 words. 

Emptying my head

I speak to a lot of marketers and business owners in my role as an agency owner so I’m well aware I’m not the only person to struggle with mental health challenges. I’m still working on reducing stress and improving wellbeing but I’ve found writing this book has been great for emptying my head.

One of the struggles I’ve had over the years is having far too many ideas in my head, emptying my head onto paper has been worthwhile. By honing my ideas and shaping my own thoughts as part of the process, I’ve cleared my head of things that had been floating around waiting to be released. It’s filling up already of course but I feel like I’ve given my head a little bit of space to breathe, even for just a brief moment.

Inspire and educate others

My biggest aim for Serve is to inspire others to build an ethical brand with impact, I want others to make the change they want to see in the world and do it whilst considering their impact on others and the planet. If I achieve only one thing with this book, I hope it’s that. So many people sit around waiting for the right moment to start a business or make a change in their career when really there is no right time. The time is now to make a positive change in the world. 

Support more sustainable brands

I’m not ashamed to say another reason for writing this book is to help promote my marketing agency Reward. 

My vision for Reward is to be the go to agency for sustainable and ethical brands. We’re already working with sustainable manufacturing and ecommerce brands but I want to help as many people as possible to build brands with purpose. Serve allows me to do that, to reach more people and wave the flag for a more ethical way of doing business. Hopefully in turn, others will look to Reward to support them in their journey to growth with sustainable branding and marketing.

Buy Serve now at Amazon

I really do believe in Serve. The ideas and thinking has been shaped by my own personal journey as well as learning from sustainable success stories and client projects. If you’re ready to start building a more impactful business, please get your copy of Serve on Amazon and don’t forget to leave a review. It’s available in Kindle or Paperback format now.

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